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Smart Specialisation Strategy


La Strategia Nazionale di Specializzazione Intelligente (SNSI) individua le priorità di investimento di lungo per
Il 26 maggio 2017  si svolgerà  ad Ancona presso il Palaindoor in Via Montagnola  “MarketPlaceDAY”, evento organizzato da Confindustria.
Perché investire in ricerca e innovazione secondo la Politica di Coesione UE 2014-2020
For a business idea or research result to be succesfully exploited, the entrepreneur or the research team must have more than just an innovative technology, strong business concept, and powerful plan. They must be able to effectively present what their investment opportunity is.
Small and medium size enterprises play a crucial role in private sector development, busting innovations and accelerating the economic growth in developed and developing countries.
Emerging innovative ICT technologies and processes need to be customized, integrated, tested and validated in order to strengthen European SMEs.
This is your chance to pitch an idea, work in multidisciplinary teams and present your work not only to the judges but possibly to the whole world in just 54-hours!
In the framework of NEXTproject, Regional Economic Development Agency for Sumadija and Pomoravlje - REDASP will organize the “Workshop with local stakeholders and actors of innovation” on 29th July 2014 in Kragujevac (Serbia).
Marche Region is organizing the event ‘INNOV-ACTORS: new challenges and opportunities in the European Context’.
Ambrosetti Club proposes a way to measure the competitiveness: the Innosystem Index.